Midas Manufacturing

Our History

Charles Kirkpatrick began his career as a jewelry tool salesman for Dyer’s in 1975.  Already a talented carpenter, he was intrigued with jewelry making and decided to try his hand at honing a new craft.  After taking jewelry making classes that Dyer’s offered to employees and customers, Charles discovered he had an aptitude for jewelry work.  Within eight months he was teaching classes and gleaning technical knowledge from master jewelers. 

After gaining experience working and teaching with several jewelry manufacturers, Charles bought a large collection of equipment from a retiring jeweler and started Midas in 1977 out of his house.  He opened his commercial location in 1981, and began adding equipment and building his new business. 

As he continued to excel in his craft, he envisioned Midas as a premier Texas jewelry production facility.   Rows of jewelers would combine both old world and modern jewelry making techniques and equipment to produce quality customized pieces for large jewelry design companies.  However, a change in the market soon brought his dream to a crashing halt…

The Evolution of Midas

Jewelry production for large manufacturers was quickly moving overseas, where inexpensive labor was plentiful.  Charles found it almost impossible to compete on price alone, and he refused to sacrifice quality.  He was determined to maintain the integrity of his work while providing a sustainable living for his employees and giving customers an outstanding experience.
Pondering this, he imagined a new dream of what Midas could become, and it would combine his love of colored gems and diamonds with his passion for jewelry making and manufacturing.  Midas evolved into a custom jewelry design house, creating one-of-a kind pieces for both individuals and local jewelry stores, as well as producing and finishing lines for local designers.

Midas grew to include everything Charles was passionate about: a production facility offering casting and hand fabrication, an in-house CAD designer and 3-D printer, a cozy showroom filled with beautiful, custom pieces designed by Charles, and a large collection of unique colored gems and diamonds.

Midas Today

Today, Midas remains driven by Charles’ vision of quality, innovation and service.  Jewels are carefully crafted to become heirlooms, and customers are considered a part of the Midas family.
Charles strives to implement new technologies and ideas that move the jewelry industry forward.  Whether mastering new production techniques for creating wedding rings, or offering rare mined gems and state of-the-art created gems, Midas continues on a mission close to Charles’ heart.  This includes supporting Austin’s unique jewelry making community, helping local designers bring their jewelry creations to life.

 For over thirty-six years, Midas has crafted stunning, beautifully made custom jewelry for our customers, helping them create jewels for themselves and the next generation.  ​Call us at 512.467.7075 for an appointment and let's get started on a new heirloom for your collection!

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