Create New heirlooms

Midas Manufacturing

Mold making and Precious Metal Casting

Whether you've been dreaming of creating a sizeable line or just a small collection, we are able to offer silicone molds.  Creating molds allows us to cast multiple pieces at a single time.  This gives you the freedom to create your own jewelry production line and helps you grow your business.  We are also able to cast pieces in any precious metal.  

Refurbish Jewelry and Repair

​ With over sixty-five years of combined experience, we are experts at jewelry restoration and repair.  This includes ring sizing, prong retipping, and rebuilding a ring's undercarriage or intricate lattice work.   Any work that needs to be done to your family heirloom piece is completed with the best care and quality of work to make your items look new again.

Platinum Casting

We are the only business in Austin that offers in-house Platinum casting.  Casting with this precious metal is very tricky and takes many years to master.  Here at Midas, Charles Kirkpatrick has the process down to an art.  Heating the metal to almost 4,000 degrees, Charles has the technique to cast even the smallest of details. 

3-D Printing

Our 3-D printer offers state-of-the-art model productions.  By producing your model with a 3-D printer, we are able to deliver a prototype of your design at a lower cost and in less time than a hand carved piece.  The crisp edges and fine detail of the prototype allows you to examine and approve the design and even try it on before it is cast.  This is a great opportunity to fine tune and change any details to ensure your custom piece is perfect.  ​